The Best Tools for the STAAR® Writing Test, Besides Pencil and Paper

Ultimate Master Reading & Writing: Grade 6

STAAR® Writing Exercises

Grammar & Punctuation Practice through Editing & Revision Exercises

With Forde-Ferrier writing workbooks, your students will have the best tools to prepare for, and master the STAAR® Writing Test. Our writing workbooks work together to enhance writing skills and techniques. Students identify sentence fragments, capitalization and punctuation rules, and grammar mistakes by editing 50 different samples of writing. Then, they are tested on what they’ve learned in order to reinforce each concept and technique. Forde-Ferrier writing workbooks also pair perfectly with our reading workbooks!

Writing workbooks are designed to teach students multiple skills at once through the use and implementation of multiple workbooks in your classroom. For many, writing is the most intimidating subject, especially during testing. Writing prompts that spark imagination, editing exercises that teach grammar & punctuation, and tests that ensure each student’s success, all fit together to shape your class into confident STAAR® writers.