Workbooks that focus on science material absorption

Science CVP: Grade 8
Informational Science Passages: Grade 5
Science Reading Stories: Grade 4

Hands-On Lessons & Exercises

Intensive Vocabulary Practice

Get your students passionate about science, and prepared for the STAAR® Science Test! Our science workbooks are designed for interactive learning to create concrete connections through science concepts, investigations, and vocabulary.

Each workbook focuses on a different area, but all come together to enhance your student’s learning experience. Students will feel empowered and confident after using their own two hands to investigate scientific theories.

Our reading passages tell wonderful stories that make learning concepts simple and fun. They are also wonderful for practicing reading comprehension skills! Learning should be exciting and science is an important subject. The science workbooks from Forde-Ferrier achieve more than comprehension, they also create a passion for the subject your students are learning. We believe this to be the best, most efficient way to prepare students for the Science STAAR® Test.