Mastery Reading & Writing

Grades 2-8


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Updated Mastery Reading & Writing in Grades 2-8

Prepare your students for the STAAR® Reading Assessment with engaging stories & passages.

Our Mastery Reading & Writing books provide several complete practice reading passages, as well as revision and editing writing skill practice. Each reading and writing practice has the “look and feel” of the actual STAAR® Assessment.

Our Mastery Reading books provide teachers and students with several complete practice reading passages. Each passage has the “look and feel” of the actual STAAR® Reading Test. Teachers can use the passages to assess student progress in reading comprehension throughout the school year.

Hand-written Short Answer Questions: Our short answer questions encourage critical thinking and comprehensive learning. The questions are designed so that students are prompted to read and then retain the information the passages provide. Teachers are then able to have a better gage of whether or not their students fully understand each lesson.

Full of Informative & Literary Stories: The stories in each chapter serve as an opportunity for students to gain either knowledge about the world they live in, or some creativity and perspective. Teachers can use this as an avenue for educating students with life lessons. Asking the right questions will lead to engaging discussions and an opportunity to see students putting their creativity to use.

A Variety of Genres:  Mastery Reading workbooks provide students with experience reading many different genres. This better prepares them for the STAAR® Reading Assessment. It also adds variety and keeps things interesting, creating better engagement for students and teachers alike.


Grades 2-8

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