Ultimate Math (SPANISH)

Grades 1-5


Requires a minimum order of 5
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Based on the latest information about the TEKS student expectations and how each will be assessed on STAAR®, our math workbooks are designed to provide hundreds of practice items for your students. Content only items and incorporated process (dual coded) items are included for every skill. Skills are labeled as readiness or supporting. Every item has been reviewed by content experts to ensure its validity. Mastery of the new, updated items ensures mastery of the STAAR® Math Assessment.

BONUS CD INCLUDED! In addition, each set of books comes with a bonus CD that contains all the items from the previous edition, so with each order you literally get two books for the price of one! Our Ultimate Math Workbooks provide multiple pages of practice for every TEKS skill. Most of the practice problems incorporate process skills with the content standards to reflect the more rigorous standards of the STAAR® Test.


Grades 1-5

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