Critical Thinking Poster

18x24 inches


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Keep critical thinking alive in your classroom with this 18in x 24in full color poster.

Classrooms taught with the Forde-Ferrier method have consistently seen student pass rates above 90% and exemplary rates over 50%.

This poster is our latest addition in providing teachers with learning tools that help students think critically in their studies. It features the six keys to critical thinking, based on Bloom’s taxonomy: REMEMBER, ANALYZE, UNDERSTAND, EVALUATE, APPLY, and CREATE.

Remember: Retrieve relevant knowledge from long-term memory.
Analyze: Separate a whole into parts and determine their relationships.
Understand: Construct meaning from instructional messages.
Evaluate: Make judgments based on criteria and standards.
Apply: Carry out or use a procedure in a given situation.
Create: Combine elements or ideas to form a new whole.


18×24 inches

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